Winner of the YETI cooler plus our very own dancing YETI


Of course before we share the video drawing of the winner of our raffle contest… We first, must share some Real Estate news… I saw a lot of hype this week about the FEDs raising rates by .25%…

SO, MORTGAGE rates actually dropped as most times in anticipation of these kinds of announcements the markets react ahead of time and I guess most simply said, the market wasn’t as Bullish as was anticipated- so the mortgage rates actually went down after the announcement and not up?!

So don’t let the fear of rising rates keep you out of the market, as what we are seeing are due to demand that home prices have only been on the rise.  In the FHA price point of under $300k, it’s been quite competitive out there… Last week, one of my new listings in Gilbert priced in mid-200’s had 6 offers the first weekend for our Sellers to pick from- great for Sellers but for Buyers not so much… To Read more about how the “Supply Shortage Giving Buyers Headaches –West Valley and Southeast Valley In a Market Frenzy” <—Click Here

OF course if you are a Buyer, you can wait for the “Frenzy” to pass- but how much higher will the overall prices be when that happens??

In our opinion- waiting will only cost you more money in Sales price and possibly interest rate, so give us a call TODAY!

OK so now on to the DRAWING for the YETI COOLER WINNER- we will be doing this again, so don’t be too bummed if we didn’t draw your name.  Thank you to everyone who participated!  Small disclosure, those were GREEN glasses Rebecca was wearing in the video… but with the GREEN SCREEN, they picked up whatever background there was so sorry in advance if you find that annoying lol…

DRUMROLL PLEASE…… and be sure to watch to the very end lol 🙂