What are you doing Friday October 30th (Halloween Eve) at 7pm?

We hope nothing yet because we’d like nothing more than for you to block your calendar out for our Client Appreciation Night!!!
This year, unfortunately thanks to Covid, we are not hosting an in person event so we are pivoting yet again this year and hosting a COMEDY night with headliner Kira Soltanovich from the comfort of wherever you can log into Zoom, our treat!
If you aren’t familiar with Kira’s comedy, check her out here Kira Soltanovich. Rebecca happened to have been friends with her as a little girl in San Francisco and called in this favor to treat our clients to a special event.
There will be prizes given out throughout the show too so please log on for it!!! (Really cool ones too!)
We miss you guys, are thankful for you guys, and sincerely look forward to seeing you joining us online Eve of Halloween; stay tuned for more details!