Want to buy a house but have credit issues that are keeping you renting?

Did you lose a home to Foreclosure or Short Sale and had missed mortgage payments in the past but don’t want to be a “renter” any longer???

Guess What- We have a great solution for you! 

It’s called the Lease Option Purchase or otherwise known as an Agreement for Sale where Equitable Title can be given to the Lessee. 

By having Equitable Title; one would be given the right to purchase the home at a said price, within a certain time period- where upon Legal Title is then transferred when the Lessee can qualify for a mortgage loan.

The Benefit to the Buyer/Lessee would be locking in today’s low prices and building the savings for the future down payment.  We currently are working with Glenco Homes, who is offering 5 properties for such option.  Jeff  Wright (owner) will allow part of the rental payment to go into an escrow account and over a two or three year period (terms are negotiable); one would have sufficient funds for their down payment once they could qualify for a mortgage.


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We do recommend that someone interested in this program would utilize the services of two of our partner companies, Academy Mortgage- Ryan Nelson and Fidelity National Title.  Their services combined greatly increase the odds of a successful transfer of legal title after the agreement has been completed!

Ryan offers Score Guardian free of charge to our clients.  It’s a program meant to help people get back on track with their credit so that they will become credit worthy again with the right counseling. 

Fidelity Title (Ocotillo Branch) has had much experience in servicing these types of agreements and we trust them to ensure accurate accounting of payments so that the future loan underwriter can verify that all payments were made on time and where the source of the down payment came from.

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