Want FREE Movie Tickets for 2? Are you a Past Client? Are you on LinkedIn?

AllStarSBRebeccaIf you answered YES to those 3 questions, please help me by recommending me online for future prospective clients to see. I always send surveys after closings to our clients because I care about their experience and it’s very important to me that we do a good enough job that someone would be willing to recommend us to people they know…. but they don’t always come back in the snail mail. 

On occasion, when someone is shopping around online for their next Realtor, I need to be able to share these recommendations and it would be so appreciated if you are willing to take a couple of minutes to express your experience with my services if I did a good job for you. Those that do will get a FREE pair of movie tickets to Harkins Theatres and if there isn’t one near you, I can certainly find a Theatre that is! Please click the box below to give me a recommendation! You will need my Name: Rebecca Hidalgo and my email address: rebeccahidalgo@cox.net. I really appreciate it!

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