Thinking Of Selling?? Time To Get Off The Fence!

This chart was part of a recent presentation that Tina Tambor, of the Cromford report, shared with a group of Realtors. The market since Covid struck has been incredibly unpredictable. This is NOT a prediction, simply a projection based on recent stats and if they continue how long it would take for us to be in more of a balanced market.

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ONE THING is for sure, the old adage “location, location, location” truly is still the main rule of thumb for Real Estate. Prices and Demand vary greatly based on it and that will continue no matter what.

Another thing we keep seeing is homes that are overpriced or that show ‘not as nice’ as they could are NOT getting multiple offers first weekend. The only 2 things a Seller can control is how their homes show and where they price their home. We do a lot to help with both of those matters so IF YOU’VE THOUGHT about selling, please don’t hesitate to reach out to strategize with us because the only thing we can guarantee is this: our team will get you the absolute most possible in ANY market if you follow our advice.