Thank you to the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Integrity All Star Leader and her Team – Rebecca Hidalgo Rains

When it comes to finding the “perfect” new home,  an industry leader in Real Estate will find it!  I am honored to share my experience with Rebecca Hidalgo Rains and the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Integrity All Star team, as they are truly EXCEPTIONAL at making a dream home a reality.

It was 13 years ago when I first met Rebecca.  At the time, my career was helping homeowners sell their homes (due to unforeseen hardships).  When I had the opportunity to refer a listing agent to a potential seller, it was an easy decision to refer Rebecca Hidalgo Raines.  Over the years, I have witnessed Rebecca assisting homeowners, treating them all as her top priority.  I am grateful for the difference Rebecca made in the lives of the customers I introduced her to.   It was clear, she became their “All Star Real Estate Agent”.

Today, Rebecca and I have come together again, and this time it is personal for me.  Like many Arizona residents….I sold my home when my son left for college in 2021.  The housing market was increasing rapidly, with approximately 4,000 homes on the market.  Feeling the “empty nest syndrome”, I decided to rent until I found the perfect home, in the right location.  Now…..with over 21,000 homes on the market today, finding the perfect one, at the right price, is a task……… It is not an easy job.  Therefore, I made the decision to wait and put off purchasing until tomorrow, then tomorrow and again tomorrow ….until Rebecca Hidalgo Rains heard my story.

When I shared with Rebecca that I wanted a home (sometime down the road), she instantly did what she does best, she made my thoughts a reality….TODAY not TOMORROW.

Rebecca went to work and found the perfect size house, in the perfect neighborhood, at a price I was comfortable paying.  Rebecca even invited a contractor to the home…ready to make the changes that she knew were important to me.  Once I decided to put an offer in, I found out 7 other people did as well.  We were now in a bidding war in today’s housing market.  Bidding wars happen in every market when a home is in demand.  That is when I watched Rebecca do what she does best……she “WINS” for her clients.  Yes, Rebecca negotiated with the listing agent, and I was the one they selected.  Thank you, Rebecca!!!

I share this story because we often find ourselves looking at the homes for sale in our market, we consider buying, but we often choose to wait.  I believe firsthand that working with an exceptional Real Estate Agent makes all the difference.  If you are thinking about purchasing a home today, hopefully you are inspired by my story and consider using the Integrity All-Star Team to make your new home purchase a reality!  They are fantastic!

– Tracy King