Short Sales S*&k; What sets US apart & Why we do them for our clients.

Short sales are challenging– we know!

· The rules of the game are always changing

· Banks give bad advice

· Buyers bail; get tired of waiting for an answer on their offer

· The short sale process can take what feels like forever, and sometimes it does- especially when someone else does them…

We started doing them when the market started to decline in 2007 and the “Mortgage Forgiveness Act” made it more feasible; not to mention people who we sold homes to started coming to us asking us to help them get out from under the home we’d help them purchase.
We saw THE need and we decided to meet IT.  Hopefully our market will recover in the somewhat near future and short sales will not be our market.  If we help people today in a market when there are so many people that need help;  we hope that they will refer their friends and family to us and we can truly become their preferred “Realtors for Life”.
What sets us apart???

  • We are the “Goldilocks Team”! We are not too big and not too small and we didn’t just start doing short sales yesterday-unlike so many of the other realtors out there that claim to be the experts.
  • We are a more of a boutique brokerage which takes a hands-on approach to customer service.
  • Solo agents typically cannot handle negotiations themselves  and do a good job at a high volume; many outsource them to title companies or attorneys (which you usually have to pay for).
  • Mega teams often times lose touch and do not have consistent communication directly with their clients.
  • We intentionally have a hands-on approach to handling every single transaction internally. Our full time team negotiator and admin manager allow us to accomplish this!

We don’t give up!

  • Persistence – we don’t take no for an answer from the banks. We continue to ask for help through the banks corporate systems until we get someone to help us. This is due in part to our Negotiators 21 yrs in banking industry- she knows their lingo and how to operate with them. She only works for OUR team and OUR clients!
  • So many times throughout the process our clients give up and they feel defeated. We don’t give up at all on them and we exhaust all measures to fight for them (even when they’ve already given up).

We can relate to your pain…

  • We’ve literally lost sleep when we have a house scheduled for trustee sale and continue to fight to get them postponed until the day of, we never give up!
  • We have either empathy/sympathy for our client’s situation– everyone from our team has been touched by this market directly; either having to do a short sale themselves or for a close friend or family member.
  • Therefore; we are never too busy to pick up the phone to update our clients on their files or just to listen to them vent. We understand! (Even if we’ve spoken with them several times already that day)


  • Over 75% of our current transactions are referrals from past clients. We always follow up with customer surveys after the sale or purchase of their home because we are always trying to improve our service.
  • We really do care about our clients and they will tell you the same!  I had one tell me the other day that we spoil them with our response time and there was no comparison with his last Realtor, that he fired.  Those kind of compliments keep us going strong.

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