Senior Care Resources For Arizona

I LOVE helping our Seniors

After nearly 3 decades of serving my clients, there is not nothing more satisfying than helping our Seniors.  They have a special place in my heart.  Perhaps it’s because my own Grandparents played a large role in my upbringing, or just perhaps it’s their general lack of having a filter; Idon’t really know the reason but I find it fun and rewarding.  I like to think I treat them like my own family and always put their needs first whether it’s selling or buying or sometimes both like I got to do for the Pavlins.

Our old office was rather closely located to Sun Lakes and I have helped my mother purchase in Solera in Chandler.  I believe they are great communities for finding activities and friendships and everyone in general is really nice and looks out for one another.  Because I’ve become so passionate about helping our Active Adults, I recently completed additional education and earned the prestigious designation of SRES.

While I can help anyone anywhere in Arizona, as I’m licensed in the entire state, click the photo of the map here for a quick list of Active Adult homes for sale in the Southeast Valley.  IF you are looking elsewhere, just reach out to our office and let us know where and we’ll gladly send you a list of homes that fit your specific needs and wants.



Also if you are looking for care for a senior that may be experiencing memory issues please check out the below message from our friend Janet Daley – Community Outreach and Senior Advocate.

When an older adult starts experiencing Alzheimer’s or dementia symptoms, many families realize it’s in their loved one’s best interest to seek memory care. Due to the symptoms that accompany memory loss, continuing to live at home without professional help can become unhealthy and unsafe for some seniors.

Memory care communities provide a safe alternative for seniors living with memory impairment. These facilities are managed by professionals trained to care for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, and they are specifically designed to accommodate older adults with progressive cognitive disorders.

Our memory care facility resource provides detailed information to help caregivers and their families in Arizona better understand what memory care involves and how to choose the right community.


More Resources for Seniors – Donations and Junk Removal Organizations:

Veteran’s Furniture Pick-Up  602-303-6112

Salvation Army Pick-Up 1-800-728-7825

Valley Big Brother Bug Sisters Pick-Up 602-230-8900

Women’s Association 480-721-5306  President Connie Hogan 720-971-8739

Margorie Shipe – Estate Sales in lieu of Women’s Association 480-802-1871