Renting still? Credit issues?

There are so many reasons why it’s better to pay off your own mortgage rather than your landlords, so if you’re renting a home and don’t own one yet, please check out these two videos, especially if your FICO score is one of the reasons that’s been holding you back.
I did write a couple of blogs with links and lots of info about fixing your credit yourself in the past, here’s a link to one of them
Some really easy stuff that can make such a huge difference!
A lot of mortgage lenders are also happy to help people straighten out their credit too.  I have my favorite lenders listed in this video, but here’s the short list:

1. Joe Smith

2. Dillon MacDonald

3. Carlos Hidalgo…

4. Liz Robinson…

5. Lanie Martin…

6. Eddie Rodriguez

7. Tara Bianco Krieg

8. Greg Gale

OF course, as always, feel free to call us at our office for more guidance- we are always happy to help people achieve their home ownership dreams!!!  480-243-4242