Need your help PLEASE?! NOT an April Fools prank- promise! FREE $$$ involved!

Happy April Fool’s Day!,

First off: This morning I came across the following in case you need some help coming up with a good prank to play on someone today- I love the first one personally lol 

Also, if you’re interested in the latest Real Estate Market update for the month of March, click here.  We will send out the April one soon, most likely with the result of our contest to rename our latest video….

OK this is what I need your help with…

Please click this Facebook link to my page and watch the quick video we just had produced- I’m willing to pay someone $100 if we end up using their idea- what I NEED YOUR HELP with is Renaming this video with something catchier than “A Day in the Life” that we will use for future marketing purposes.  In order to enter, we just need you to post your idea on the page for a new title name, but before you do, if you haven’t yet left a review on there in the past or written your experience about our services, I ask you kindly do so while you’re on the page since our client’s experiences are so importance to us!

In the spirit of FREE $$$ MONEY, I did also want to let you know that our company Berkshire Hathaway (owned by Warren Buffet) is hosting a sweepstakes between now and June 17th. They are giving away $50,000 at the end of the sweepstake and $2,500 once a week until that date.