Underwater home

I have to admit, I was just a little nervous when I rang in the New Year and our elected Politicians still hadn’t come together to extend the Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007 for another year.  I was extremely relieved when I awoke yesterday to the FANTASTIC NEWS. (<—click link- there were also other mortgage related extensions like the Mortgage Interest Deduction that were passed with the Fiscal Cliff deal)

We also had many clients that were concerned about getting their own Short Sale done & closed by the 12/31/12 deadline, just in case our government did not extend it. (We had 3 alone that closed this past Monday afternoon, all as MAJOR rushes to beat it!)

I also know that in the last few months, the FISCAL CLIFF has had many people personally fiscally frozen, not able or willing to make large financial decisions due to the fear of the unknown future of our National Economy and how going off the cliff may have impacted them directly.

The GREAT NEWS is that if you or someone you knew were one of those folks, waiting and holding off to find out the outcome to the political squabbling in our House and Senate- wait no longer! Click HERE to get started having your questions answered regarding IF a  Short Sale is a viable option for you at this time.  To find out IF your home is even underwater any longer (with our appreciation last year of 20+% in the Valley, many are not), just use our FREE SIMPLE calculator that can help predict when your home will become an ASSET again- if it isn’t already….

With Mortgage Rates still in the 3% range- it’s also still a fabulous time to PURCHASE a home, especially since the Mortgage Interest is still tax deductable, thanks to the deal struck yesterday in Washington at 2 am EST.

Whether it’s to BUY &/or SELL a home, if you are looking in the Phoenix Metro Area- please give the professionals of Integrity All Star Realty the privilege to help you and your family with their next Real Estate transaction, as it’s our passion and we couldn’t be happier about how this exciting news will help the majority of people out there!  Just call 480-243-4242 to get started, Rebecca Hidalgo and her agents are always happy to assist!