Mortgage Forbearance

Joe Smith & I spoke about this yesterday on the radio GratefulHeart.Tv; but this is a much better real life example below shared by our title company rep extraordinaire Madison Blean, which also applies to people in a rental situation currently under/unemployed due to this Corona Quarantine.
MORAL to the Story: PLEASE be sure to COMMUNICATE with whomever (your landlord, tenant, mortgage servicer) and DOCUMENT exactly any agreements during this time. Once this crisis is over, you will need to be able to refer to written agreements if you need to explain any hiccups in your credit in the future.
Call me if I can help you or someone you know work through something along these lines, I’m happy to be a sounding board at least if I can!
Tracey Benson of First Sonoran Property Management was kind enough to share her thoughts with me this past Sunday on Zoom if you care to watch, just forgive me that I am without makeup or hair done lol

??Let’s do some ‘mortgage forbearance math.’??
Mom and Dad have a mortgage.
It’s currently $1,500 per…
Posted by Madison Blean on Sunday, April 5, 2020