Market Update for January 27, 2017

Please watch my quick 2 minute video, It’s pretty good if I do say so myself 🙂

Also, besides whether it’s a good market, something else I get asked often is price points in different parts of town so I wanted to share with you the following maps I uploaded from the Cromford Report to show you different price points & where you’ll find homes in the Valley of the Sun based on those.  I only pulled single family DE-tached homes and gave no other search criteria….

BELOW 100000


Starting with homes under $100,000, as you can see our market has fully recovered officially and has for some time now as you’ll be hard pressed to find any home in the Valley for under $100,000. They are basically non existent these days…






On the other side of the equation- here’s the map where one would find Million Dollar plus homes for sale.  Primarily you see those in the Paradise Valley area, Scottsdale and Central Phoenix however there are a handful in other parts of the valley as well…


And here goes the rest of the market- the following two maps are primarily FHA buyers, from $100,000-$300,000…  Under the $200,000 range is a little harder to find in the Southeast Valley these days with pockets in Mesa along the 60 corridor for the most part or out in San Tan Valley/Queen Creek.  Primarily you’ll find most of those in the West Valley but above $200,000 you should be able to find homes in most parts of the Valley…

100000 TO 200000200000 TO 300000

And Lastly, the MOVE UP Buyers which mainly consist of Conventional Buyers and Jumbo Loan/Cash Buyers in what are considered a little more upper scale neighborhoods.  From $300,000 to up to a Million Dollar homes, you should be able to find something in most parts of the Valley depending on where you prefer to live.


300000 TO 500000500000 TO 1000000

Whatever your price point, whatever area you are considering, our team not only is experienced but enjoys working with Buyers and Sellers both.  Please don’t hesitate to call us for help! 480-243-4242