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Phoenix has made #4 of 20 cities ridden with Foreclosures, 1 out of 14 homes are in Foreclosure; there are so many people out there that need help from someone who cares.  We just hope it’s the right kind of help in the end for those families that need it.









Yes, they are an option for people struggling to keep up with their mortgage payments who really don’t want to lose their home.  In the end, at least half of our clients come to us after a failed attempt, or in some cases several, and credit destroyed already- wishing they hadn’t wasted time or resources in trying to get their bank(s) to work with them.  Unless a PRINCIPAL REDUCTION is given, then Loan Modifications are “Band-aids” to delay the inevitable- for some, is reason enough to apply for them just to buy more time in the home they are living in.  Please call us at 480-243-4242 to discuss your personal situation and get quality free advice with no obligation before you go down the road of applying for a loan modification.