Law of Supply and Demand

Last summer I wrote the following blog on our site:
It’s interesting to me to see this past Sunday’s Newspaper because they did a big article about Real Estate and how home values have gone up 34% from 2011 to 2012. Click here to see full article which contains stats on different zip codes, so if you already own a home locally, you can see what has been going on in your neighborhood. Mainly because those of us in the industry saw this coming since last year and explains why since last year, the local builders have been getting back to business buying and developing land to build new homes on again. (Click here for blog from last October)

When talking with clients today, trying to decide what to do next is their biggest problem.
If they have a home to sell, are they still upside down or should they wait just a little longer to sell?
Are prices really going to come up more in my area anytime soon?
If they want to buy while rates are still low (well below 4% still) and before prices raise any more, where should they start?
I’ve consulted with many recently afraid to sell and be out of a home because it’s been so competitive to get a “good” home to replace the one they would like to sell.
You can search for homes right HERE via the MLS if you are looking to buy or sell just to see what’s out there that would interest you or if you’d like to check your own home value you can click HERE for our FREE home calculator.
I see today’s predicament so many are facing as a catch 22 and it’s hard to give a generic answer when it’s a complex problem for many and why I like to be able to consult specifically with our clients on their needs and wants to develop the best game plan for them and their families.
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