I still have an upside down home- What should I do next?


Did you know that in the last 3 months, our local Real Estate market has seen a jump in prices by 15% overall? 

Have you asked yourself yet where that leaves you and your family?

Have you wondered if you can qualify to buy a *Home Again* today while the rates and prices are still so low?

Have you had a home that was upside down (or still own one) and did a Short Sale or had a Foreclosure in the past few years?

  • If you do still own a home today, should you keep it & rent it out or sell it?
  • How much could you rent it for?
  • How much could you sell it for?
  • Would it be a Short Sale?
  • Would you qualify for incentive money to do a Short Sale?
  • Should you short sale it today and rent your next home or can you buy now still right after having done a short sale?
  • When will it be worth what you owe on it again?
  • Should you just stay in your current home? Refinance it? Apply for a Loan Mod? Harp 2.0? Principal Reduction? Remodel? Do nothing and keep making your current mortgage payments?

What’s the best solution for you?

Everyone’s situation is a little different- Just CALL 480-243-4242 to get YOUR answers from professionals who care! We have a team of professionals that we partner with which include: Mortgage prequalification and credit advice, Real Estate Lawyers- Legal consultations & discounted negotiation services,  Property Management with discounted services as well!


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