How to FIX your own Credit Report yourself!

Have you ever heard anything good about those credit repair companies that charge people monthly fees to “fix” their credit?
I had a great conversation with Dawn McCraw , owner of, and she educated me somewhat on what her firm does differently than the others.  Basically they don’t charge a monthly fee because they have 2 in house attorneys that fight with creditors directly on behalf of their clients to permanently fix the credit problem and they charge a flat fee depending on the items that need to be negotiated to have removed.

With that said, what the companies do that charge a monthly fee are doing nothing more than what someone can do themselves- which is dispute with the 3 bureaus erroneous information.  If you’ve had a Short Sale, its really important to do this afterwards to ensure that the banks reported accurately to the bureaus, as we’ve seen some of our past clients have to do some disputing in order to be able to buy a home again.
Regardless- knowing what’s on your report and checking on it at least once a year is VERY important since our Credit Report can impact so many aspects of our day to day lives.
CLICK HERE to get to the FTC website on the screen in my video.
You can get FREE (with no impact to your score) reports from ALL 3 BUREAUS 1 time a year & right online, by following the instructions, you can dispute ANYTHING you see that shouldn’t be on there.  They have 30 days to follow up and remove any item in dispute if they cannot validate it with the creditor.  So there is no need to pay anyone any money to do that for you when you can do it so easily yourself.
If you are still having issues or want to buy a home and know you need help- please don’t hesitate to call Rebecca directly for assistance- we are always happy to help however we can! 480-243-4242