How do you get $17,500 for going “Green”???

Larry Ricci of Going Green Solar joined Rebecca today to share with her the news about this exciting program that incentivizes Buyers of homes to install Solar Panels in their homes along with a few other energy efficient items; build it into their purchase loans, and they get up to $17,500 back in tax credits and rebates. Please call Larry directly at 602-301-0022 for specific questions & you can click here for a Brochure on the program highlights.
If you think you lost out on the First Time Home Buyer Credit- for the right person and home- this may just be PERFECT! We’ll be happy here at Integrity All Stars to help you get going with this if you are interested in learning more and finding the right house that will qualify- give us a call here at 480-243-4242 OR click here to get started.