Have you ever worked really hard on something & just to your own utter frustration, come to find out you that did it wrong to begin with and there is nothing you can do to fix or change it???

YELPWell, that just happened with us & YELP! AFTER years of hard work…  We have 36 “NON” recommended GREAT REVIEWS on their site they refuse to post because we provided the links to our clients instead of our clients “organically” searching for us and then doing the review on their own accord. SHAME on them! (& US for not knowing until now their formula) But as frustrating as it is, in today’s day and age, it’s very important for us to build up our audience on their site because we have gotten multiple past clients from them finding us on Yelp and appreciating the kind words our clients have put on there for us, that were posted.(Click photo to see said reviews above)

So I am begging, even if you’ve posted on there once before– can you PLEASE do the following steps for us?  We are happy to send you another Yeti tumbler (or if you already have one and prefer a gift card to the movies or dinner, just let us know)


Under “Find” please type “Integrity All Stars” and then in “Chandler” and it will link you to where you can write a few kind words for us.

Just click image —>  for the link.

Whatever you write, you can hit the copy button and kindly paste onto Zillow and Facebook for us the same review and we will be forever in your debt.  We usually see the posts right away, but shoot us a heads up at so that we can quickly respond with our thank you gift!

Without our clients we’d be hurting, we do truly rely on your kind words to get new business.  Reviews and Referrals are EVERYTHING to our future business.  We are so indebted to all of our kind past clients who’ve done this for us already- THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!



James & Rebecca (Hidalgo) Rains