Halloween Trivia Contest – Hurry to enter !!!

The_Wild_Vine_Uncorked_logo It’s that time of year again… Halloween!  We’ve been having lots of fun with our fans having various Trivia contests throughout the year and have given away some great prizes like tickets to The Improv, Visa gift cards, Movie Tickets… well this time we wanted to support one of our favorite local establishments….

The Wild Vine Uncorked! Click for link to their website for more info about this great place                                          —->>>>

We have (3) $25 gift cards to give away today to the best 3 videos of people who respond to this email (or you can txt Rebecca at 602-463-2978 if easier from your phone) and submit your 10-15 second video of you or someone you know that’s willing to dance for their treat!

Click the photo below for 8 Super Weird things we hope you didn’t already know about Halloween….














WVU Halloween


We are looking for you guys to get in the spirit of Halloween and DANCE for your treat!  In this case the treat is a $25 gift card to The Wild Vine Uncorked,  who happens to be hosting a Halloween Costume Ball, in case you haven’t made plans yet for tomorrow night… Check out the link for more info on the event.

click photo for details—>>>



IF YOU’RE CAMERA SHY, (James Rains- who came up with this idea- definitely is), BUT still like a chance to win…  the OTHER WAY to enter our contest is to click the photo with a summary of our local Real Estate Market Situation for October 2015, which links to a post on Facebook featuring our latest SNEAK PEAK listing – Just comment on the photo “#HalloweenContest “ today and I will enter your name and announce our winners next week when I send out a much more detailed Real Estate Market Summary for those of you that may be in the market today to either buy &/or sell a home!


And lastly, in case you or someone you know is still needing an idea for a Halloween 🙂 costume, we are always happy to help ————->>>

Just give us a call at 480-243-4242 to get started today!