FREE APP – You can use it from your smart phone!

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  • Curious what your neighbors home went on the market for but don’t want to ask?
  • Did you just pass by a really cool looking house and curious what it looks like on the inside or what they are asking for it?
  • In a neat neighborhood and wondering what’s for sale right out your car window?

Use this app to satisfy all the above curiosities!

Don’t have a smart phone (Iphone, Droid, Samsung, Blackberry, etc)?  You can use it on your computer too!
Just text AZ13 to 32323 OR go to and you can download our app to use ANYTIME for FREE!
You can even share the app with family, friends, co-workers easily once you download it by simply clicking the “Share this App” feature.  It’s really simple to use!
It’s amazing what technology can do these days and what’s even better is that it’s tied to our MLS so it’s LIVE ACTIVE data, not the outdated stuff you tend to find on Zillow, Trulia or
Give it a try and please Share IT if you find it useful; as we think you might!