Considering selling your home this Holiday Season?


If you are, you MAY want to think twice before you give Ken Griswald a run for his money with the Christmas lights…

BUT DON’T GET ME WRONG… some Holiday decor is actually recommended.  The numbers show that demand during this season tends to wan some however the Buyers that do come out tend NOT to be tire kickers and usually are quite serious!!  If you follow our tips, you will have greater chances to sell your home during the holiday season!

Most of these tips are important to follow year round, but even more crucial this time of year:

  1. Clean thoroughly, De-Clutter and pack away what you don’t need and STAGE your home! Accentuate the positive- Dangle a little mistletoe to show off an entryway and be an equal opportunity decorator- don’t be overly religious so as not to turn off certain prospective Buyers.  Go easy on the lights and think about going with a skinnier tree so your home doesn’t feel cluttered.  Consider stashing wrapped gifts in a closet or stacked neatly in a corner. Curb appeal is especially important this time of year when trees have lost their leaves so spend some extra time sprucing up your front entryway.  A wreath or bowl of pinecones will help your home feel festive without going overboard.
  2. Use a Realtor that incorporates professional photography into your marketing, particularly twilight and aerial shots,  3d or live video as well.  ‘Tis the season to be busy… a lot of shopping will take place online- the key is to ensure your audience has plenty to look at to entice them to come see your home in person.  Get them emotionally involved so they are “sold” before they arrive to your doorstep by giving them lots to look at online.
  3. Once your prospective Buyer arrives, make sure your home is warm (physically) and inviting to all of their senses! Be accommodating with showing requests, everyone is busy busy busy! A little ambiance with candles, cider simmering on the stove or Holiday candles burning along with some light music and treats; so it smells good, feels good, sounds good, tastes good- will definitely go a long way with making your guests feel right at home.
  4. People are looking for deals year round, but especially this time of year.  Be sure to price your home right, sweeten your “deal” to make your home more appealing over your competition by offering an incentive like closing costs or a home warranty.  Pre-MLS marketing and inviting the neighbors over for a private open house are wonderful strategies to help get your home more attention sooner than later and help get it SOLD!

Please click HERE for full Cromford Report with more stats for month of November. If you’re thinking about selling, then it’s really important to know the current stats before you decide on your list price- what your neighbor sold for last summer will have little bearing today on your list price as the market has changed significantly since then.  The following is an excerpt from the full report:

The cooling trend that started gently in August has now developed more momentum. Things are getting better for Buyers and worse for Sellers.

  • Active Listings: 21,439 versus 24,846 last year – down 13.7% – but up 7.1% from 20,024 last month
  • Under Contract Listings: 9,026 versus 8,008 last year – up 12.7% – and up very slightly from 9,003 last month
  • Monthly Sales: 6,214 versus 6,271 last year – down 0.9% – and down 12.7% from 7,117 last month

The above numbers demonstrate a weakness in closed sales but a strength in under contract listings.

Sales were down 1% from October last year, the weakest year over year comparison for any ANY month since January but the price trends continue to show positive appreciation. It’s becoming clear that the top and bottom end of the price ranges are selling less and the middle is selling more, compared with last year at this time. The bottom is selling less due to low supply while the top end is selling less due to lower demand.

At the end of the day, the statistics do show that if you have a reason to sell soon, do it now as actually December is a much stronger month for real estate sales than January or February due to the spending that occurs during Christmas… It takes most families until Springtime to recoup and get caught up financially and be in a better position to purchase a home.  One fantastic thing about Arizona which does tend to go against the rest of the country this time of year, is our weather and attraction of Winter Visitors, which is definitely in our favor and helps improve demand and your likelihood of selling your home during the Holiday Season.

One last thought to share- IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW is considering BUYING, now if the time!  During the summer most of our listings sold immediately with multiple offers and some bidding wars, so while the scales are tipping in the favor of Buyers- now is the time to go find a deal!  Sellers that have their homes on the market right now tend to be quite motivated and less competition means more buying power!

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