Local Real Estate Market Info – Part 3 of 3

Law of Supply and Demand

Last summer I wrote the following blog on our site: https://www.integrityallstars.com/our-local-home-inventory-shortage-is-starting-to-improve/ It’s interesting to me to see this past Sunday’s Newspaper because they did a

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The last one being on Prices and our Local REAL ESTATE Market in general as we are definitely returning to more of a Traditional Buyer’s Market again (after the last year in a half of investors driving demand up and making it difficult for the regular people to get a good home)
There will be some great deals to be had in the next couple of months as we are in the holiday season already and are seeing seller’s having price reductions for the first time in a long long time…
So if you or someone you know has been considering buying a home, there hasn’t been a better time to BUY in a very long time!
(With that said, if you are a potential seller of a home anytime soon, don’t be too sad to hear this news as the prices for homes definitely increased this past year – it just means that there may not be multiple offers the first day your home hits the market, but as long as it shows well and is priced right, it will sell!)