Google Cardboard Glasses and Virtual Home Tours

Are we now in the era of TOTAL RECALL with the widespread use of affordable Google glasses from video games, movies to now touring homes from the seat of your own chair???

(Please click on photo below to watch my latest video on how they work!)image

Matterport Tours, also known as 3d Virtual Reality Home Tours have been in use for a couple of years now by yours truly and a few other high tech geeky Realtors- I even did a tutorial video back in 2015 on You Tube (click link here) because what I found was being such new technology, most did not know how to use it when they saw the link in our listings online.

NOW we’ve gotten into a whole ‘nother level of using this techie tool in order to sell homes, by incorporating Google glasses with those tours by downloading the app and using a pair of the glasses.  Will this also be the wave of the future?  I’m thinking so!  We will have several of these available at our new office for our clients to try for themselves as we’d love feedback.  We’ve heard some people say they get motion sickness because it’s THAT real of an experience… What do you think? We’d love to know as we are ordering these tours for most of our listings these days.