Have you experienced either?

It’s common in today’s market for Buyers to literally “tap out”.

Don’t do that! We have a solution! It will cost you $$$ if you decide to wait to buy until it’s a little easier out there.

Crazy, meaning bidding wars with Buyers waiving appraisals and inspections and offering well above list price in many cases.  Rates and Prices are only expected to rise which could cost you exponentially more down the road.

Berkshire Hathaway has partnered it’s Apex Concierge program with an aggressive hard money lender to make cash offers on behalf of the Buyers enrolled in the program.

This saves them $$$ by buying in today’s craziness (instead of waiting for a slow down), in spite of the competition because they have that same “Cash Competitive Edge” those other Buyers have to get the home of their dreams under contract and closed.

What’s the catch you may be wondering?

Mainly, that borrowing money is not free!  The program does cost 1% of purchase price.

In the grand scheme of things, that’s a little price to pay to get the home

(click here for FAQs —>) today with today’s % & $…

Buyers must sign an agreement and place their earnest deposit into an account for the investor to make offers on their behalf.

Berkshire also offers this service to home Sellers that want to purchase before they move out.

This allows Sellers to also remodel their home to capture absolute top dollar when they do sell their home after they’ve moved once only into their next home.

When someone enrolls in both the Buyer and Seller program, the Buyer program fee is reduced to just ½%.  The investor will pay for the cost of the remodel, but the Seller has all the say of the work done and offer accepted.

It’s actually a pretty awesome program and it may be the perfect solution for you!  Let us know what questions you may have and if you want to

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