Big mistake waiting until it’s a “Buyers Market to Buy!”

Thank you analyst Tina Tambor of the Cromford report for educating us Realtors here in Arizona with the true STATS for our current market conditions so we can educate others.  Education is so key to make good buying decisions!  Well really, any decisions.
It’s no secret that selling a home in Arizona (due to demand) has been easier than ever this past year, but there are so many factors happening behind the scenes that one really should know and understand before they make any big decisions with respect to either buying or selling real estate.
The following PDF doc is the slides from Tina’s presentation that really help with that endeavor.  After my 8 minute video, I barely scratched the surface.  Please take a look —> Cromford Slides from Tina Tambor presentation
I’m happy to have a 1 on 1 conversation with you about your Real Estate goals and explain better the remaining slides if you’re interested, just give us a call at 480-243-4242 to set up an appt either in person, on the phone, or Zoom so I can help lead you to your end goal whatever that may be!