Big Cities That Have Attracted Retirees, Mapped

A look at the Census Bureau’s recent ACS data shows which big cities are losing its older generation of residents, and where some of them are headed.

SmartAsset analyzed the Census Bureau’s 2021 one-year American Community Survey to take a look at the most popular new destination for retirees in the US, and the areas where they’re moving out of the most. They considered their cohort to be above the age of 60, and scanned America’s 146 largest cities to see their migration patterns.

Their analysis does acknowledge its limitations: not everyone above 60 is retired and it overlooks migration within the same state, or people who live in multiple locations.

Key Takeaways:

  • In 2021, New York City lost the highest number of people ages 60 and older (-19,884), followed by Los Angeles (-7,199) and Chicago (-4,081).
  • Cities that gained the highest number of people in 2021 were Mesa (3,629), Henderson (1,602) and San Antonio (1,164).
  • The net migration of people was negligible in Montgomery (2), Reno (-6) and Knoxville (-9).
  • Florida gained over 78,000 people aged 60 and over in 2021, whereas California lost nearly the same amount with just over 71,000 leaving.

And here's a look at how much retirement would cost if you wanted to settle down somewhere outside the US.

Via SmartAsset.

[Photo by Nguyen Thu Hoai on Unsplash]