Behind The Walls: Unveiling the Hidden Truth of Wallboard Materials

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Did you know that some wallboards contain hazardous materials that can impact your health?

For instance in the early 2000s construction boom “Chinese Drywall” was imported over to meet demand, in turn it had significant health repercussions due to high VOCs and chemicals from coal burning, unrefined fly-ash that off-gassed and affected over 100,000 residential homes in more than 20 states.

However, as we evolve into a more health-conscious culture there’s also a rise and demand for healthier building materials, like clay and magnesium oxide drywall.

➡️ Interior designer, Cassy West (@‌wellness_by_dezign), contributed a wonderful article in this month’s HealthyHOME magazine on cleaner wallboard (drywall) alternatives, link to the full article 📖 here: 

When remodeling or building a new home, you may not think to question the contractor’s choice of building materials, but please do ask questions!

No home is perfect and often times we don’t have choices in building materials, but if you are in a position to choose your materials, take some time to research building materials and opt for the best fit for your family’s health. And in turn, find comfort in knowing that you are intentionally creating a healthier home environment for yourself and your family. 🤍🏡