Are you considering a “Strategic Default”?

Strategic Defaults

Not sure what to do with your current home you are upside down on?
Should you rent it?  Should you Short Sale it? Is it even upside down any more since the prices have been on the rise the last 6 months?
Worried about the Mortgage Forgiveness Act expiring?
You see how low the rates are today and wish you could buy a home? Well, Maybe you can…
See this Brochure for more info regarding the “Home Again” program through our partners at Academy Mortgage, the law firm of Mack, Drucker, & Watson, and First Sonoran Property Management.
We definitely believe it’s imperative to get the proper advice and have sought long and hard to find the right professionals in their own respective fields to counsel our clients down the right road with regards to Real Estate in today’s very complicated market.
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