Are you a HGTV House Hunter Fan?

If so, please be sure to check out this Thursday’s national TV premiere of the episode I got to shoot with them last fall. I had to sign a non disclosure agreement so I don’t get to tell you which house they picked or any of the fun behind the scene details, but what I can say… is that I’m super grateful to have had the opportunity.  For us Realtors, there’s not much else to achieve… maybe it’s time to retire?  Just kidding, I’ve been selling homes now for 27 years now and have no intention on retiring anytime soon.  They did call me the OTF Queen when we were shooting, which stands for On the fly… guess I did pretty good…?  We will see this Thursday night at 6:30 on HGTV!  IF you or someone you know has ever wanted to be on the show- let me know!  Only catch is you need to buy a house from yours truly!